For businesses who utilise receipts and invoices, NCR Pads are incredibly important as they allow you to make sure that you have the correct amount of copies for your records.

NCR stands for ‘No Carbon Required’ which means that the paper has been treated using a specialised coating and will react to the pressure of the pen when you are writing on the paper. From the pressure and the reaction, the content you have written will either be duplicated or triplicated, leaving you with copies of the information. In this blog, we are going to discuss how your business could benefit from NCR printing.

NCR Pads

At Lintons Printers, we supply A4 and A5 NCR Pads with the option to duplicate and triplicate pages. NCR Pads are the perfect option for making copies of receipts, invoices or order forms. We can also create NCR Pads bespoke to your business’s requirements. With the option of full colour printing or black and white, the pads can be completely customised to your business with all of the relevant contact information and your logo. To store the copies of your documents, NCR Books are the ideal option.

NCR Books

NCR Books are an efficient way of ensuring all your NCR documents are stored in a single place for record purposes. Similar to NCR Pads, the sets are glued together, and the last page of each set is stapled to the book which allows you to remove other parts as and when you require them. If you are frequently using NCR Pads, then an NCR Book is just what you need to keep them in the correct order!

If your business sends out physical copies of invoices or your customer requires a copy of a receipts, NCR Pads and NCR Books will be perfect for your business. With Lintons NCR Printing we can help businesses in the North East create the perfect NCR products bespoke to your business. For more information or to order your NCR Pads visit our website or call us on 01388 762197.